Real Estate Social Collective


This client, who is also a co-owner of Harvest Farmacy, came to us with an accidental side gig that turned into a business in need of branding from the ground up! Her speciality is in Leasing Consulting and Digital Marketing, helping clients to merchandise properties via social media to generate leads through digital strategy solutions.


Real Estate Social Collective was our first client to work through our proprietary branding process. In order to develop the branding and messaging necessary, we walked the client through a series of questions, activities and critical thinking exercises to determine the key descriptors of her business and personal brand. The completion of that session allowed us to dive into the strategy behind Real Estate Social Collective. In order to accurately represent this brand, we hacked into our client’s business DNA, creating a messaging and visual framework that authentically represented the clients goals, aspirations and talents. The result was a comprehensive brand guide that included a visual identity, design elements to be used across a website and social platforms, strategic messaging and more. We are really pleased with the results of this process, which has set the stage for how we work with all our clients who need branding and business strategy support.


Pinch Us. We’ve gotten to work with who?

“Our agency has had the pleasure with working with The Starving Artist on a few projects (with a few more in the works) and we could not have been happier with the process, communication and delivery of services provided.”

Coral Radican

Visit Mississippi

“Haley went above in beyond in helping my company create amazing packaging for our candles! I really couldn’t have done it without her and hope that we can use her services again soon.”

Jon Mark Buckner

January Letterpress

“We highly recommend this agency to anyone who wants a beautifully designed and professional product in a timely manner.”

Melissa Estep

Hoops for Hope International