When thinking about a business that was one-part graphic design and one-part bakery, the name “Starving Artist” immediately came to mind. “Starving” represented the baked goods aspect of the business and “Artist” represented the design.

The Starving Artist is a creative agency based in Waco, Texas. We are creatives who create for creating’s sake: from logos and brand identities, to campaigns and websites for businesses and individuals alike.

A team like no other.

Andy and Haley met through a mutual friend and instantly knew that they had found something special. After only knowing each other for 3 months, they got engaged and were married 4 short months later. (No one has ever accused them of being indecisive!) This was the start of the best team. We told you we strongly believe in liking who you work with!

Haley Cash

Founder, Creative, Designer, Baking Addict

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Haley is new to the Texas scene. She may not have picked it for herself (Cheese Head Forever), but has come to love this massive state with residents whose loyalty, selflessness, and stubborn work ethic have won her over. For Haley, it’s always been about the people anyway. She graduated from Belhaven University with her BFA in Graphic Design at the age of 19. She has since worked for small, mid-sized, and large ad agencies, the marketing/communications department of The Mississippi Development Authority, Magnolia, and has done various freelance work for more than half of her life. She is a true creative prolem-solver and is always finding ways to better her craft & learn new things.

Andy Cash

Operations + Finances

With over 10 years of experience as a Distribution Supervisor for the multi-billion dollar company – Caterpillar and also as a real estate investor, Andy is very familiar with the business aspect of entrepreneurship. He is a Waco, Texas native and has lived here his whole life minus “an 18 month stint in Ohio” while with Caterpillar. He has since said, 18 months away from Texas was 18 months too long. He graduated from Baylor with a dual BA in Distribution Management and Technology & Risk Management and Insurance. Although a different type of creative-problem-solver, Andy & Haley have always bonded over their love of logistics, efficiency, and finding the best solution for whatever comes their way. When he’s not working, Andy can usually be found running, biking, mountain climbing, or anything that involves the great outdoors.

Always Growing. Always Innovating.

What started as a single designer looking to change the industry has quickly grown into a full-service team of top-notch freelancers prepared to meet your every need. We are proud to offer everything from design and branding to web development and copyrighting.

Let’s Chat

Ad Agency or marketing firm looking for a freelance designer?

A designer at heart, Haley still backfills for numerous advertising/marketing firms. If you are in need of a temporary team member or someone to lend a helping hand while you are swamped with projects, Haley’s your girl! She has over 7 years of experience as a full time graphic designer and has filled many roles from project management to creative art direction. There is also a 100% guarantee that no client-poaching or competition from The Starving Artist. Simply design work to help you out.



We believe in doing what is right even when no one is watching. We believe in the importance of demonstrating integrity in both work and character.


We believe passion to be the driving force behind truly great work.


We believe in embracing both the good and the bad. We believe that the good encourages better work, but that real growth and improvement comes from ownership of your mistakes.


We believe in acting with purpose and precision. We believe intentionality is a key ingredient in helping others know their worth and to feel valued.

We like you already. Let’s chat!