Brotherwell Brewing


To accompany the launch of their newest Wacotown IPA, Brotherwell Brewing sought out the perfect 1940s style art to make a big statement. Born in Waco, this brewery is well known for its hand-crafted brews and “Gather & Share” mentality. They were in search of a subtle post-apocalyptic design to take their Wacotown IPA launch to the next level via strategic product development.


We took the 1940s style illustration inspiration and ran with it. Using a well-known element of Waco, The Alico building, combined with a positive post-apocalyptic style, we created an image of the Alico building overgrown with hops. What screams Wacotown IPA more than that? On the product development side, we knew that this design would end up in the hands of Brotherwell customers, and needed to display correctly from every single angle. We paid close attention to the sizing and typography to design a can worthy of the Wacotown IPA launch. P.S. Wacoans, can you spot the Suspension Bridge below?


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